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Why NDIS Cleaning Service Is Important?

NDIS Cleaning Service

Why NDIS Cleaning Service Is Important?

My VIP Cleaning Service is providing the best NDIS Cleaning Services to its NDIS Clients. There is an important reason as why we started this services for this segment especially as it require specialized training for our staff.

"As of year 2022 NDIS in Australia have reported approximately 4.3 million people with disabilities. The disability could be of any nature like intellectual, physical, sensory or psychological disability etc. Such persons needs special attention when it comes to cleanliness and they have all the right to access to cleaning service"

NDIS allows Reasonable and Necessary Support!

NDIS Cleaning Services

One of the best feature of NDIS is that it allows you all the necessary and reasonable supports which can help NDIS patients to achieve their goals and aspirations to excel in their lives. This support shall also allow you to be more independent to actively take part in social activities and work and remain an active participant of society.

Is Cleaning Services Are Allowed under NDIS?

NDIS is support does include help with personal care activities, transportation to help you move around and participate in community, helping you at work to complete your tasks successfully, Therapeutic supports, Household jobs to maintain your home etc. which means that Cleaning is allowed under NDIS support services.

NDIS provides insurance to all the Australian citizens if they or their loved one’s have any disability which makes it easy to get a proper cleaning service.

Key Benefits of NDIS Cleaning Services

1. Value For Money

My VIP Cleaning Service NDIS

My VIP Cleaning Service delivers value for money, it’s the Best Cleaning Service in Melbourne to provide you with comfort which you need. Since NDIS is providing a relief to the disable persons and one should utilize such funds with great care, this is the reason that My VIP Cleaning Service is the right choice for you.

2. Support You to Perform Better

When you live a neat and clean home this allows you to be more productive because your mind shall be peaceful and organized. You also don’t need to spend time to manage your home because My VIP Cleaning Service will do this for you and make sure everything is ready for you to outperform.

My VIP Cleaning Service NDIS

3. Convenience

My VIP Cleaning Service NDIS

My VIP Cleaning Service is your one window operation for cleaning service because when you hire us, you don’t need to run for other cleaning services as we provide all cleaning services under one umbrella whether its kitchen cleaning, garage, bathroom cleaning, maintaining your garden, deep cleaning or end of lease cleaning. We will try to provide you convenience as much as possible to make sure you can focus on other important tasks of your day to day life.

4. Allow you to be Independent

My VIP Cleaning Service allow you to be independent because whether you are available in home or not, we provide you with a security key box where you can drop your home keys and our cleaning professional will pick the keys from that security box and will perform his job to make you feel special.

With the help of this feature of cleaning professional, you don’t need to be dependent on us and you can move around anytime as per your own schedule. So, this support help you to be independent which is one of the key element of our service.

My VIP Cleaning Service NDIS

5. Same Cleaner

My VIP Cleaning Service NDIS

We understand that you don’t want that each time a new cleaner come and you again and again have to brief him or he. We understand your this requirement, therefore, we make sure that you don’t need repetitive change of cleaners until unless required. This can help you to have an affiliation with the cleaner and you can always tell him or her your any change in your cleaning requirements.

There are so many other features which allow My VIP Cleaning Service to be the best cleaning service in Melbourne, VIC. We are here to join hands with our NDIS Clients to make you feel the difference in achieving your day to day and life ambitions.


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