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Top Five Methods to Clean Carpets at Home or Office!

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Top Five Methods to Clean Carpets at Home or Office!

In the cleaning industry the cleaning professionals have been using different cleaning methods to satisfy their clients with their skills and experience to make their home or office carpet looks new and obviously each of the cleaning method is different from other. But out of all methods, today we will discuss the top five methods which the Professional Cleaning Staff of My VIP Cleaning Service may use depending upon the type of carpet or requirements you have and each of the cleaning method has its own pros and cons.

1. Steam Cleaning:

The other name of steam cleaning is hot water extraction in which hot water is used using a high pressure wand which helps the professional cleaners to remove any dirt, mud or any sort of debris from the carpet. The pressure and the steam is adjusted depending upon the nature of the fiber used in the carpet and how much cleaning it required i.e. its condition. Using this method it now only allows the carpet to get a new life but it also helps to enhance the life time of your carpet thus saving your recurring cost.

This is one of the most efficient and effective way to deep clean the carpet after the cleaning process is complete, it may take 4-6 hours to dry depending upon the moisture in the air and the heat it receives. Though its recommended that it should be placed in such a place where clean air should pass through it, so it don’t get dirt again in the drying process.

2. Shampooing:

Another method used by the cleaning professionals is the use of shampoo to clean your carpet. The process includes a specific detergent depending upon the texture of the carpet and rotating brushes machine which continuously move around over the carpet to make sure that the water and shampoo go deep in to the carpet to every fiber and removes any attached dust particle. When the carpet is cleaned, there is a need to continuously pour water until all the detergent is drained from the carpet and no stain is left.

This type of cleaning is effective but it needs more professionalism and takes more time to get dry. The important factor is that some rinsing should be performed during the process, so that at the time it starts to dry, the fiber should not be sticky.

3. Dry Cleaning:

Another interesting method which is adopted for cleaning carpets is the Dry Cleaning method in which a specially prepared powder detergent is used mixed with a little amount of water which is than spread all over the carpet. When its readily spread over the carpet then with the help of rotating brush, the debris and dust along with any stains are removed by this process.

4. Foam Cleaning:

This method of cleaning is also named as encapsulation which is used specifically for the carpets which are filthier. This foam is spread all over the carpet which then begins to form bubbles and start expanding. The foam has such chemical composition that the debris and dust form a bond with it, thus removing it from the carpet. When all the dirt is removed from the carpet, it is then passed through the steam process so that the foam is removed from the carpet.

If the care is not taken properly there are chances that during foam cleaning the soil particles remain stick in to the carpet. Therefore, an extra attention is required while performing this job.

5. Bonnet Cleaning:

This method is adopted when the carpet is only required to be cleaned from the surface with the help of a motorized machine and a spinning pad beneath it containing the cleaning solution which then absorbs all the dirt on the surface of the carpet. This is one of the fast way to clean up the carpet and make it ready for use.

The bonnet cleaning is preferred in the industries where there is more foot fall like in hotels and restaurants in which you cannot clean the whole carpet again and again due to shortage of time.

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