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Top 10 Qualities of a Trusted Cleaning Service Company

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Top 10 Qualities of a Trusted Cleaning Service Company

You often come across different cleaning service companies who do offer a wide range of cleaning services. But since there are a lot of cleaning service companies and agencies working, therefore, it gets difficult for us to rationalize our decision for a right choice.

Here, we are sharing top 10 qualities which should be present in a cleaning service company. Whenever you need to finalize any cleaning service company for your cleaning job, you can evaluate the cleaning company on below 10 qualities.

1. Registration:

The company should be registered with the relevant government bodies which means that it should have comply with the legal requirements for providing services in your area. My VIP Cleaning Service have all those registrations which are required to operate in Melbourne, Australia. 

2. Trained And Experienced Professional Cleaners:

The next quality which is required to be considered for evaluation of cleaning service provider is that they must have trained and experienced professional cleaners. Because, the professional cleaning staff knows how to deliver the quality. My VIP Cleaning Service have all the staff fully trained and experience, we do regular training for our staff to upgrade the cleaners knowledge to match the expectations of the clients and changing environment.

3. Relevant Tools & Equipment:

For a cleaning service provider, to ensure the availability and working condition of the relevant equipment is very important. Because these are the tools which help a cleaning professional to make sure that the cleaning service is provided perfectly and efficiently. Obviously, it also helps to reduce the number of hours required to clean your home or office.

My VIP Cleaning service have all the relevant tools and equipment’s which may be required for any particular job. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about quality when you choose My VIP Cleaning Service professional for your home or office cleaning job.

4. Cleaners Police Checking:

It’s always and advantage for a cleaning company that all its employee’s should be police checked. My VIP Cleaning Service all staff is police checked which enhances its trust worthiness and that is the reason that it’s the most trusted cleaning partner in Melbourne.

5. Matching the Schedule:

Another challenge which comes is your schedule, you often have to find out a cleaning service provider who can match the schedule for the date and time of your choice. My VIP Cleaning Service is flexible at maximum to match your schedule with mutual consent.

6. Rework:

Sometimes it happens that you are not satisfied with the cleaning service or you feel some area might be missed or not up to the satisfaction you want. And you want the cleaners to re do the area. My VIP Cleaning Service do offer rework until you get satisfied and that is the reason our cleaners match your expectation.

7. Cancellation of Job:

There is a lot of things going on in your lives and obviously your schedule is not static and there might be some unexpected guests. Or you have an urgent travel or else, and you want to cancel the cleaning job. My VIP Cleaning Service do offer cancellation of job before 24 hours or it depends upon the nature of job. So, we at My VIP Cleaning Service are quite flexible in rescheduling or cancellation as per your requirements.

8. No Hidden Charges:

You want everything to fair and clear, there must not be any hidden charges which just come from nowhere. My VIP Cleaning Service offers its FREE QUOTE with No Hidden Charges and only the quoted price is invoiced as per the cleaning job performed by the cleaner.

9. Customer Service:

Another important factor which most of the people look in to is the customer service. Because, you will not like as if you contact a cleaning service provider for a quote and it took days to provide with quote. My VIP Cleaning Service is providing excellent Customer Support Service, you only need to share the photos of the properties (in some cases) and some other details to provide you with the best quote.

10. Online Booking and Quote Facility:

Sometimes, you don’t have a time to call the cleaning service provider to ask for a quote. Therefore, you look for some other options like Online Booking and Quote Facility. My VIP Cleaning Service is offering its Free Quote and Online Booking Facility available on its website, to provide you with the best quote.



  • Mick Tindel March 13, 2022

    Yeah so true………….i got a chance to work with some other company who charged me with alot of hidden charges, when i got the invoice…. infact they never told me. This is true, you need to make sure….. to receive accurate quote. and keep an eye.

    • Hi Mick, We dont have any hidden charges, when you will receive quote whatever is mentioned in the quote shall be covered. You don’t nee to worry. Hope you experienced good services from our team.

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