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School Cleaning

School Cleaning Service

A school is such a memorable, exciting and learning place for students where the spend most of their time. School provides an environment to the students, so that they can learn and progress in life. Therefore, since there are number of students who come daily in school for learning, their health and safety is the responsibility of the School Management. Germs, Bacteria and different viruses could be anywhere in the school regardless if it is the classroom, activity rooms, playground, libraries or cafeteria. Moreover, if neat and clean environment is provided to students it would improve their productivity. So, being a responsible School Administration, it is wish and will of every school to have best cleaning practices in their School. So that, no students don’t find health issues due to cleaning issues. And also, of Schools provide the neat and clean environment to the students, it would not only enhance the trust of the parents, but will also reduces the health risks for the students.

Another reason, as why cleanliness is important in schools is due to the fact that in certain illnesses, the germs passes on from one student to the other student very fast. And obviously the chances other students also increases in such a case, which overall decreases the class room attendance and learning process of students.

Similarly, COVID19 is considered as one the fastest virus spread in the whole world. And if proper cleaning and disinfection process is not followed, than obviously it would have an impact over the students and teachers. Therefore, neat and clean environment is not only in favor of students but teachers and working staff too.

Why Neat, Clean and Healthy Environment in School is important?

1. Parents Satisfaction:

If the Schools are able to provide with the Neat, Clean and Healthy Environment to the students, it will give a sense of satisfaction for the parents. And they will not only have more confidence over the School Administration, but it will also have a positive impact on the performance of the students during the learning process.

2. Teachers Focus:

When Schools provide clean environment to the Teachers, and every class room is well settled with no mess in the class rooms, than it will help the Teaching staff to be more focus over the course work. And can better concentrate for helping the students to understand well.

3. Leading by Example:

By ensuring best School cleaning practices for the school, it is leading by example. Because, children follow more quickly what they observe. If School becomes successful in providing neat and clean environment to the Students, in return, students shall be more habitual to maintain that clean environment, not only in schools but in their home and surroundings as well.

4. Reducing the Spread of COVID19 Virus:

The cleaning and disinfection process in schools not only help to maintain a general appearance of the school, but it will also help to wipe out the COVID19 and other bacteria and viruses. This will help to prevent the students, teachers and other staff who come to school to be exposed to this deadly virus.

Why My VIP Cleaning Service?

We have always understand the requirements of our clients as what quality of services they want. There are several reasons that you should prefer My VIP Cleaning Services:

1. Best Cleaning Professionals and Technicians:

We are the leading cleaning and disinfection services provider in Melbourne, we have the Best Cleaning Professionals and Technicians. They are fully trained and well equipped with all the necessary modern equipment which they require cleaning services.

2. Detailed Cleaning:

Our Cleaning Professionals and Technicians have a complete list of areas which we compile after a detailed visit of the site. And they clean each area and equipment in detail, whereas, special concentration is given to the areas which are more in use by Students or Teachers.

3. Police Checked:

My VIP Cleaning Service highly prioritize the safety and security of Teachers, Students and the equipment. Therefore, all our staff is police checked. And we don’t hire staff until unless proper scrutiny.

4. Always Flexible:

We are always flexible to follow the guidance from the client, not only this, we prepare customized quotes as per the requirements received from the client.