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Regular House Cleaning

My VIP Cleaning service cares for you and we understand that in this busy life, you need flexible schedules customized as per your requirements. So, you can feel relaxed and comfortable. This is the reason that My VIP Cleaning Service have come up with a personalized schedules, especially designed on your requirements. We understand that sometimes you don’t require any permanent plan therefore you need someone to adopt your plan, so here we are. We always remain supportive to our clients to adopt to their plans, we can always increase or decrease the frequencies of the cleaning.  

Quality We Ensure

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you’re unhappy enough to recommend our service to your neighbors or friends, let us know and we’ll redo the work without any cost.

Experienced Workers

Our teams are fully trained to provide you  with satisfactory level of cleaning service.

The majority of our clients follow any of the below customized schedule: 


This category of the clients are those who require daily cleaning services and we are always pleased to serve them on daily basis.  

Twice a Week: 

Some of the clients prefer to get our services to clean their house twice a week, we cover each and every aspect of our check list to make sure that we serve them well.  

Once a Week: 

We have a wide range of clients who only need services on their choice of day in the week, they let us know their schedule and we just make sure everything is ready for them. For them we are an easy and comfortable solution. 


We are also offering our clients with Fortnightly services who are too busy with their work and keep on travel some times. Due to our flexibility they enjoy working with us.  

The majority of our clients follow any of the below customized schedule: 

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It is the priority of our majority of clients that they want us to have consistent visits as per the agreed schedule. We remain flexible on increasing or decreasing the visits depending upon the pace of activities at your home or office. But overall, our weekly and twice a week visits are what suits most of the clients. My VIP Cleaning service is serving clients with passion and all heart, and making sure that we go an extra mile to exceed your expectations.  

Post Construction and Renovation Cleaning  

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Addtional service: