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Medical Facility Cleaning

Medical Facility Cleaning

Medical facility is the area where people come to get cure, and it is one of the area for which we have a clear understanding about the requirements. We feel proud to get associated with a Medical Facility because, it gives us an impression that we are part of the curing process, through which patients get a healthy life.

We have a proven experience for providing Best Professional Cleaning Services for different categories of Medical Facilities, some of which are mentioned as below but not limited to:

  1. Ambulatory surgical centers
  2. Birth centers
  3. Blood banks
  4. Clinics and medical offices
  5. Diabetes education centers
  6. Dialysis Centers
  7. Hospice homes
  8. Hospitals
  9. Imaging and radiology centers
  10. Mental health and addiction treatment centers
  11. Nursing homes
  12. Orthopedic and other rehabilitation centers
  13. Urgent care
  14. Telehealth

Setting Highest Standards of Cleaning:

My VIP Cleaning Service has always ensured that we set highest standards of cleaning. The reason behind providing the highest standard of cleaning is due to the fact that we care for you. And our cleaning professionals and technicians ensure that they are providing the best cleaning services. Since we are the a leading cleaning and disinfection service provider in Melbourne, therefore, we make sure that we don’t miss a single day to make you feel more relaxed, and you can focus on curing the patients. There are many existing cleaning facilities which rely on our services, because of the trust which we have earned over a period of time.

COVID19 and Medical Facility Cleaning:

We stand with our health care professionals on the front lines whether they are Hospitals, Clinics, Surgical Facilities or other Health care facilities in Melbourne. We are the one who make sure that before they enter in to the facility, all the facility should be clean and disinfected, not only this, it is our responsibility to make sure that when a visitor enters and exit to or from the facility respectively, the facility should not be reason of any spread of COVID19 virus or else.

We understand that when we meet the cleaning requirements of the health care facilities, it give happiness not only to the health care professionals but also to the patients and visitors. Therefore, our Cleaning Professionals and Technicians not only ensure sterilization and disinfection of areas but also prevent of cross contamination.

Health Care Facilities should not put the Health Care Professionals, patients and visitors at the risk of inadequate cleaning. Because it can not only damage the reputation of the Health Care Facility but can also become a major cause of virus spread and thus putting many lives on stake.