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Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning/Scrubbing

Sometimes, a simple cleaning method won’t work for certain events or places and there is a need of some specific methods to clean up Floors. Because dust and grime remains stuck with the abrasive surfaces and when you mop them, the condition will go worsen and it will look dirty. To clean it up, It requires a combination of experience, modern equipment’s and some amazing products which will do the wonders for our clients. My VIP Cleaning Service is Melbourne Leading Cleaning service provider who is leading the cleaning industry.  

Therefore when you are facing such issues to clean up the dirty floors, you need services of My VIP Cleaning Services. We have not only equipped but trained our staff as how to clean the floor to look like a mirror and shine like never before. Our cleaning technicians are specialized to clean all sort of floors, they will use the relevant equipment’s and techniques which will serve the purpose and does not ruin the floors beauty.

Quality We Ensure

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you’re unhappy enough to recommend our service to your neighbors or friends, let us know and we’ll redo the work without any cost.

Experienced Workers

Our teams are fully trained to provide you  with satisfactory level of cleaning service.

The process My VIP Cleaning service technicians is as simple as mentioned below: 

1. Vaccuming the Floor: 

Our Technicians will first with removing any large particles on the floor with the help of vacuum cleaning. So to get ready the floor for the next process. 

2. Spraying with some effective chemical: 

The Technicians will than use some specialized products which are specially manufactured for cleaning the floors.  

3. Scrubbing Process: 

Than starts the scrubbing process depending upon the nature of the floor, the relevant scrubbing process shall be implemented.  

4. Rinsing the Floors: 

This step will remove all the dust and dirt from the floor and get back its original look.