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Anti Viral and Disinfection Services

Our disinfectant team consists of a group of technicians who have a complete check list for the activities which they need to perform to disinfect any area. Initially the My VIP Cleaning Service Disinfection technician team will inspect the area and survey it to know what are the requirements, than they will be preparing the area ready for the disinfection process.  

My VIP Cleaning Service Disinfection technicians are using the most updated and recent products to effectively kill all the viruses, germs and bacteria on the surfaces. These Disinfection services is for those when you who want any specific area of the home or office to be cleared 100% from germs. 

We have all those equipment’s and techniques with our Professional Carpet Cleaning Technicians which might be required as part of solution to your carpet cleaning needs regardless of carpet material, stain or grime.  

Benefits of My VIP Cleaning Anti Viral and Disinfection Service

There are some benefits for getting our these services which includes: 

Affordable prices depending upon the requirements 

  1. It kills 99.99% bacteria and viruses thus reducing the spread
  2. .Our Disinfection services are equally suitable for commercial and home  
  3. The Disinfectant Technician team of My VIP Cleaning Service is a combination of most experienced and skillful members 
  4. We have the most advanced equipment’s and products which we use for disinfecting any site 

Satisfaction Guarantee

OuDisinfection services have proved over a period of time that they slows down the spread of viruses such as COVID19. We recommend our clients to take it as a precautionary measure to use it as a tool for surface decontamination which includes hard floors, walls, kitchen tops, tables, furniture, computer and other equipment at home or office.