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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At My VIP Cleaning Service, we fully understand the importance of privacy for you. This is the reason that My VIP Cleaning Service is committed to secure all the information we gather of all the website users, our applications and our Services.

This privacy policy as set below shall define how we are collecting your personal data and how we shall be processing this data. It is therefore recommended that you must read this privacy policy to understand how we use your personal data.

For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998 (the Act), My VIP Cleaning Pty Ltd is a company registered in Australia having its registered office  at Melbourne, VIC, Australia 3148.

Who we are

We are a Professional Cleaning and Disinfection Service Provider in Melbourne. More information can reviewed on the below website link:

Our website address is: https://myvipcleaningservice.com.au.

What personal data we might have collected

We might have collected and processed the below information about you:

  1. The information which might have provided us through booking, quote or through contact form which may include but not limited to Name, Address and Telephone number etc.
  2. Any other information which you may have volunteer to us like for the purpose of newsletter etc.
  3. The feed back which you may have shared with us.
  4. The information which we gather each time when you visit our website.
  5. The information related to technical aspects like type of mobile devise, the mobile network information you are using and other browsing related information.
  6. The information which is related to your computer including your IP Address, Operation System etc. and thus reporting the overall information for system administration and for our advertisers.
  7. The details related to your visit to our website or applications and other communication data like traffic data, weblogs etc.

Moreover we might use new technologies from time to time including GPS technology to locate your current location.

How We Use This Information?

We use the information as provided by you for following purposes:

  1. For the administration of any account which you might have with us.
  2. For the purpose of managing your booking or query with us.
  3. For the purpose of any obligations as a result of any contract between you and us.
  4. For the purpose of communicating with you with respect to any response to your feedback, query, complaints etc.
  5. For the purpose of any notification for any change in our service.
  6. For any other related communication which may be required from time to time.
  7. More specifically, we might provide this data to our service provider who shall be providing you with the services. Such information may include your name, address and other contact details.
  8. To improve for providing you with better recommendation about our services.
  9. For the purpose of understanding the effectiveness of the advertisement we are providing to you as a visitor of our website or application.
  10. For the purpose of recommendation and suggestions about the goods and services in which you might be interested.


The main purpose of using cookies is to ensure that we differentiate you from other users of our website and application. This is the reason that when you visit our website or application we provide you with the best experience.

How We Store Your Data?

The information which we receive from you is being stored in our servers which are quite safe and secure. We have agreements in place for level of security we are receiving in relevance to the nature of information which we are storing.

The data which we might have collected can be stored any where in the world. Moreover, it is also possible that it is being processed by the staff who is outside Australia and such staff may also be involved in other related activities like for processing your booking. Furthermore, when we provide you with a password it is recommended that you don’t share that password with anyone.

Information Disclosure

We hereby acknowledge that we may provide your information to third parties and their subsidiaries or other companies. So, the reason for sharing of information includes:

  1. For the purpose of buying and selling asset, in such a case we might share or disclose your personal information.
  2. Your personal information is considered as asset for us but in case our company or assets is acquired by a third party, in such a case your personal information shall be transferred to third party in form of assets.
  3. If you don’t clear your liabilities with respect to payment for our services, we might provide your personal data to the relevant agencies ( in case of fraud etc.). The agencies than shall help us to locate you and recover our charges.

Rights You Have

You have all rights to let us know that you don’t want your data to be processed and we will not process that. You can avail this right by contacting us through the contact form as provided on the website. Since the Act gives you with the right to have an access for the available information with us, you can always have an access by paying us a certain fee.

Third Party Website Links

This website may contain different links from different websites which includes our partners or affiliates. Therefore, if you are following any of those links, those websites have their own privacy policies. Moreover, it is recommended that to check their privacy policy before you submit any of your information.

Changes In Our Privacy Policy

By submitting the information to our website or application, you are hereby agreeing to our this privacy policy. And if we change our privacy policy, we will update the privacy policy on our website and we may place notices on our website, so you can be aware of any such change.

Contact Us

Any questions or queries may be submitted through the contact form as provided on the website.