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My VIP Cleaning Service Secret Revealed

My VIP Cleaning Service

My VIP Cleaning Service Secret Revealed !

Many people ask us as what is the secret of our success? So we thought to reveal it today.

My VIP Cleaning Service has so many features which are not offered collectively by any of the cleaning company in Melbourne, VIC or Australia as a whole.

Let we reveal our secret to success today which makes us different from the rest

1. Experienced Cleaning Professionals

My VIP Cleaning Service Cleaning Professional

Our team consists of highly trained professionals who know how to handle a particular job. We have a specialized team for each of cleaning category to make sure you get a perfect cleaning feel.

My VIP Cleaning Service understands that without a professional team we cannot deliver value to our clients.

2. Cleaning Supplies and Equipment’s

My VIP Cleaning Service has never compromised on outdated cleaning supplies and equipment’s. We have the most modern and effective cleaning equipment for each of the cleaning area like bathroom, living room, garage etc. we never mix the cleaning equipment and supplies with each other.

My VIP Cleaning Service has its own range of cleaning supplies which includes Mould Remover Gel, Organic Bathroom Mould Removal Spray and Organic Kitchen Grease Removal Foam which is specifically manufactured for our valuable clients.

Shiny Clean Mama

3. Customized Solutions

My VIP Cleaning Service

Every client has a different need and they want it to be fulfilled at affordable prices, same is the case for cleaning requirements. We are highly flexible to deliver you with customize solution on your requirements. This is one of the main reason that we have repetitive and referral clientage which is increasing day by day. My VIP Cleaning Service always prefer the comfort of our client first whether it’s the timing ease for the client or service outcome.

4. Quality Assurance Mechanism

We have put strong internal controls which consists of supervision by senior staff and continuous feedback from clients which allow us to continuously enhance our capabilities to exceed expectations.

We have developed a check list for our each of cleaning service to help us to maintain the same standards each time.

My VIP Cleaning Service

5. Care Like We Own

Melbourne VIC Cleaning Service

Being a cleaning service provider we have access to each and every portion of your home, we understand the responsibility and trust which you vested on My VIP Cleaning Service. There are so many of your personal belongings for which you have emotional attachment like your living space, your kitchen cutlery or your pillow. We make sure that we take care of all of your personal belongings and respect that emotional attachment.