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How to Clean Tile Floors?

Tile Floor Cleaning

How to Clean Tile Floors?

Who do not want to have neat and clean tiles at their home or office which will relax you and give you happiness. But each tile raw material is different which require some extra knowledge to know how to deal with them without damaging their natural look. 

So, the question is as how to clean the tile floors which should not damage the tiles and their natural look. Below are some of the key techniques which one should consider while cleaning the tile floor:

First of all there is a need to prepare the area which includes removing the apparent dust over the area with the help of mop or a vacuum cleaner. To remove the sticky residues from the tiles you can use a plastic knife or other plastic made sharp tool to scratch over the tiles by which the sticky residues would be removed.

Depending upon the type of tiles, My VIP Cleaning Service Tile Cleaning Specialists uses specialized cleaning agents chemicals for a specified period of time interval which will ensure that all the dirt and debris is removed from the surface of the tiles.

The team of My VIP Cleaning Professional than will be using a specialized equipment having a rotating motor with a spinning pad. This allows the Professional cleaners to clean the dirt and debris from the pores of the tiles.

After the spinning pad has performed its work, the next step is to clear the area with mopping which will remove all the residues of cleaning agents and water. It is recommended that the mopping should be performed with hot water.

The next step is to let it air dry or you can use clean water and use dry cloth to absorb the moisture over the tiles. This not only clean the tiles from its pores but would also not allow any sort of water spot patches over the tiles which often comes when we perform mopping. Therefore, only mopping is not enough if you really want a neat and clean floor to walk on.

My VIP Cleaning Service Process For Tile Cleaning

My VIP Cleaning Service has its process in place for Tile Cleaning Services for which we have our dedicated team who is well skilled and equipped with the most advanced techniques and years of experience.

Our team will first inspect the area before they start to initiate the process. They will look in to the type of tiles and then they decide as which chemical agents they can use which would not damage the tiles appearance and its durability while serving the purpose.

In the next step our Professional Cleaning Technicians would clear the area and remove all the debris from the tiles. This allows our team to start the cleaning process over the tiles because if the debris remains on the tile surface it could damage the tiles.

Moreover, our Professional Cleaning Technicians also inspect the soil which they found over the tiles as this inspection allows our team to use the right cleaning agents for your tiles. Also, we would recommend necessary future actions for our clients as a precautionary measure to prevent this to happen again.

We highly recommend our clients to have grout sealing after the tiles have been cleaned because this preserves the tiles and its durability. Because the grout sealer used by our cleaning technicians are water resistant and also repel water and germs to stick on sides of the tiles. Having grout sealing also provides a consistent look for your tiles and prevent mildew and mold.

Once whole process is complete, our team perform post clean inspection to make sure nothing is missed. In the post clean inspection we also re perform if the standards are not up to the mark.

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