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COVID19 Policy

COVID19 Policy of My VIP Cleaning Service

The safety and health of our staff and clients is foremost important for My VIP Cleaning Service. We keep an eye for any change in guidance to implement precautions during the coronavirus outbreak and it is quite evident that businesses across the world will have some new ways of working style for unforeseeable future.  

We are following all those measures which are being announced by the Government of Australia to follow, therefore, My VIP Cleaning Service as a leading Cleaning service provider taking all those measures which are required to mitigate the spread out of coronavirus.  

My VIP Cleaning Services have performed a detailed risk assessment and have identified the risky areas, and have took reasonable measures to control the risk that COVID -19 poses to our staff, clients, client’s staff, visitors and society.  

We have provided a detailed training to our Professional Cleaners and other staff, and they have been advised adopt the measures which we are implementing for reducing the risk of coronavirus spread.  

Some of the points we highlighted are: 

  1. We have ensured that all our staff knows the importance of hand washing during this pandemic, and all staff is provided with a hand washing technique guideline. 
  2. We have clearly instructed our staff to stay at home and self-isolate themselves for the prescribed time period it they experience any symptoms of Coronavirus. The symptoms includes high fever, cough, any loss of smell and taste. In addition to it, our staff is required to inform to Management if they experience any such symptom. 
  3. Moreover, we have advised our staff to avoid public transport, and prefer to walk for nearby sites,  or can use car to drive to their sites. 
  4. Our staff is following to maintain a 2 meter distance from other cleaners or any other person on the client’s site. This is required to be maintained regardless they are working on their site or taking rest breaks.  
  5. They are required to keep the contact/ touch surfaces clean, by enhancing the cleaning frequencies.  
  6. They have also been provided with their own necessary stationary which they can use for signing records or for other purposes where required. To avoid any unnecessary contact.  
  7. We consider the wellbeing of our staff and they are encouraged to share any of their concern with us.  
  8. We have provided our staff with hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial spray and hand wash.  
  9. We have ensured that our staff have paper products like hand towels and rolls available with them.  
  10. All our staff is advised to take Vaccination from the prescribed centers on their date of appointment at earliest and provide us with a vaccination certificate.  

My VIP Cleaning Service Cleaning Staff is provided with the PPE’s which is in accordance with the HSE guidelines. And staff is required to use that equipment when exposed to any health care setting or if any of the cleaning staff is facing with health condition.