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Best Mould Removal Gel Available In Australia?

Mould Gel by Shiny Clean Mama

Which is the Best Mould Removal Gel in Australia?

We often come across a variety of different available brands of Mould Removal Gels and that is the reason that it gets difficult for us to differentiate between them as far as their effectiveness is concerned.

Shiny Clean Mama Mould Removal Gel

What Factors to Consider while buying a Mould Removal Gel?

When buying a Mould Removal Gel what are the main factors we consider? They could be following:

  • Easy to Apply:

The Mould Removal Gel must be easy to apply to the areas like on tiles, walls and other such places where there could be possibility of mould.

  • Time Savy:

Since we are always short of time, so it’s important that it should show its results fast on first use. 

  • Enough Quantity for reuse:

As we never know when we come across Mould on other places, so the quantity should be enough that we can use it again or again.

  • Safe to use:

It should be safe to use with all precautions and should not damage the look of the place where it is being used.

Mould Gel by Shiny Clean Mama- Best Mould Gel in Australia

Mould Gel by Shiny Clean Mama is the solution with all above benefits and can be considered as the most effective in removing the Mould spores along with removing Mould and Mildew. The composition of this extraordinary gel consists of Surfactant, chelating agent, thickener, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide.

Mould Gel by Shiny Clean Mama consists of a concentrated gel formula effectively removes mould build up on silicon and tile grout. The thick gel consistency ensures it stays attached to the applied surface. It can be used anywhere like Toilets, Sink & basins, Window frames, Silicon seals (fridges/ washing machines), etc.

It is a highly recommended product and is now available in Australia for sale on www.myvipcleaningservice.com shop on special offer delivering all across Australia.



  • Donna Chen March 13, 2022

    Let me try it, can you send me three ? How do you charge for delivery?

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