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Be Smart to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Regardless of the size of the home whether its a big home, small home, an apartment etc. kitchen gets dirty. It is understood that there is not only a single way to clean up your kitchen but there is always some smarter ways to get this job done. Today we will be discussion about some basic rules and short cuts that may help you to keep your kitchen neat and clean from right now. Below are some of the hacks which can be helpful for you to keep your kitchen in a perfect shape.

Don’t Forget to Keep your Dishes Clean

If you have a habit to keep piling up your dishes in the sink and washing them at some. You can just start by washing and clearing your sink from same day, to same meal and with the passage of time, you will develop a habit of washing your dish after each meal. This will not only ensure a hygienic kitchen but would also help to save your time as you keep it in your schedule.

Cleaning a Burned Frying Pan

It is a story of every household that the frying pan is often burned out but there is always a solution. You can use baking soda to over the burned areas and than start pouring some hot water and keep filing the frying pan with it unless it reaches near to top. Let the water to cool down a bit, and when you feel that water can be touched, you can start scrubbing the burned areas with the baking soda solution. In the end you just need to waste the hot water used for scrubbing and finally wash the the frying pan with warm and any soapy liquid.

Cleaning Your Kitchen Sink Is Important

The sink and its related spigot along with other accessories of sink can be set 100% free of bacteria along with any left over food particles with the help of Shiny Clean Mama products like Organic Kitchen Grease Removal Foam. And normally the faucet is considered as the part of the sink which is most touched and we wash it more often.

Organic Kitchen Grease Removal Foam can be used as an effective measure to kill germs, clean out grease and what else it is safe to use and non toxic. Moreover this product of Shiny Clean Mama is Biodegradable ”

Shiny Clean Mama

Cleaning of Sponges

Sponge is a tool which we use to clean our dishes etc. and it is necessary that it should be cleaned frequently. There could be more possible ways to clean the sponge either with a dishwasher like Organic Kitchen Grease Removal Foam offered by Shiny Clean Mama as this will remove all the mould out of it or with the help of a microwave. But you have to make sure that you only use non metallic sponge to microwave, before placing it in to microwave, you need to make sure that the sponge is a bit wet as well.

Keeping the Surfaces Clean

Don’t forget to use Organic Kitchen Grease Removal Foam with the help of which you can wipe all your kitchen counters and stovetops. Stovetops are necessary to be cleaned regularly because drips, sauces and grease gets backed on it when it is left a little longer. Using this product can help you to get rid of dirty surfaces of your kitchen.

Cleaning the Refrigerator

Refrigerator is the most important part of your kitchen and it directly effects the health of your family. So, it is important that when you are bagging up the garbage, you need to check your fridge if there is anything which is to be dumped or if there is anything which can be give to any other person, so the food don’t get wasted.

If you start adopting these minor tricks, you will observe some mind blowing results in your kitchen. It will look more clean, organized and always ready.



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