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9 Tips For Cleaning Your Home – Secrets Revealed ​

Things to Remember while Cleaning Your Space

9 Tips For Cleaning Your Home – Secrets Revealed

A neat and clean home and office is always a requirement for everyone, it makes you more satisfied, relaxed and more productive. But we often forget the key elements of cleaning which are considered the most important to make your place perfect for living.

1. Make Your Bed:

Once you wake up, you need to start your day by making your bed at first. You just need to start by stripping the bed sheets and pillow cases and wrapping them in to the washer, if they require cleaning. It’s important that you should wash/replace your bed sheets and pillow covers twice a week. So, it’s important to build that habit to make your bed each day.

2. Dusting the Surfaces:

Once you are done with making your bed, you need to do a dusting of surface of your room with a soft cloth or a dusting cleaner. The places which you need to wipe out includes dressing table, study table and other hard surfaces which are present around the area.

You need to focus on those areas which are often forgotten and can make a list of places or can send us an email and we can prepare the list for you.

3. Vacuuming and Mopping:

Here comes point which will change a whole look of your place and make it look more neat and clean. You need to pick up your vacuum pump machine and start to clean and mop the floor of your room. Most of the time the place which is overlooked is the space beneath the bed, so you need to make sure that you reach to those areas which are hidden and need your attention.

4. Dirty Clothes:

It’s very important that you separate your dirty clothes from your washed clothes. You should not place the dirty clothes all around your home. You need to make sure to collect all your dirty clothes and place them in the basket or other designated place to make them available for laundry service.

5. Cleaning Supplies:

Sometimes it happens that you want clean your home but the cleaning supplies are out of stock. Therefore, you need to make sure that the cleaning supplies remain a mandatory part of your monthly grocery list.

My VIP Cleaning Service is also offering its product range which include Mould Removal Gel, Organic Bathroom Mould Removal Spray and Organic Kitchen Grease Removal Foam by Shiny Clean Mama.

6. Kitchen Cleaning:

After you are done with your room, the next step you need to look in to is your kitchen. Kitchen cleanliness is the most important factor to make sure that your family health is not compromised and you keep on preparing healthy and hygienic food for them.

You need to empty the dish washers and then try to dust the top areas of the equipment’s like fridge and oven etc. also have a look inside of the oven, fridge and other home appliances which are common to use. You can check out our Mould Removal Gel, Organic Bathroom Mould Removal Spray and Organic Kitchen Grease Removal Foam by Shiny Clean Mama to make things easy for you.

7. Toilet Cleaning:

Another place which is quite frequently used by the home members is Toilet. You need to apply toilet cleaner to the bowl and allow it to spread all around inside. Meanwhile use a scrub to clean the exterior of the toilet seat. Once the toilet cleaner have been spread for the prescribed time period as mentioned on your toilet cleaner, now use a toilet brush and flush. Also take a look on the floor and clean it, leave the toilet and let it dry before it get ready for use.

You can also ask My VIP Cleaning Professionals for any advise you want to take, if you face any issue while cleaning your toilet.

8. Windows Cleaning:

Who don’t want to see the world with a clear scope, same is provided by your windows. You need to spray a window cleaner over your window, dip the cloth and attach it to the mop handle and than you need to scrub your window with the mop.

9. Make it a Habit:

You need to make sure that you should repeat these tasks on daily basis, so that nothing is piled up. Your home shall look neat and clean, and ready to visit by and friend or family member any time. And you don’t need to take a day off from your office or skip your weekend adventure activities to clean your home.

My VIP Cleaning Service has framed these cleaning tips for your house which will transform any of dirty home to a loving place to live in. These tips and tricks have been summarized through our experience which will really have an impact to be reflected in your living room or kitchen etc. If you really want to clean your home quickly than you need to adopt these habits. You can also send us a request you to provide you a Free quote if you are living in Glen Waverley, Glen Iris, Mount Waverly, Caulfield and other Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne by filling an Online Contact Form. Moreover, you can follow us on Facebook for cleaning tips and tricks and more updates. Or simply call us on 0405 995 758.